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Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Letters

Man and Woman, One in Christ, by Philip Payne. Signed copy only $19.99 plus shipping. Also see  NT essays by Payne, available for free download.

The Codex Vaticanus open, showing that each leaf has its original shape


Bibliorum Sacrorum Graecorum Codex Vaticanus B is the only color facsimile of the oldest surviving manuscript of virtually the entire Bible in Greek. It was written about A.D. 350 and is regarded as the most important manuscript of the Greek Bible. The photographic quality and color reproduction is amazingly faithful to the original. Most of the 450 numbered copies printed for sale have already been sold.

The price of this last copy is $7999 and includes DHL shipping and insurance.

Why Can't Women Do That?

Why Can't Women Do That, the latest book by Philip Payne. Signed copy only $9.99 plus shipping, Order Form.

Codex Sinaiticus Facsimile, available for a short time for $699.95.


Codex Sinaiticus facsimile, The remarkably clear color facsimile of the fourth-century Codex Sinaiticus of all the NT and half of the LXX plus Tobit, Judith, 1 and 4 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, Barnabas, and the Shepherd is available for a limited time for $699.95, Order Form. We believe this is by far the best price available anywhere. The list price is $999. Shipping the 32 lb box by UPS ground is $59 within the USA 48 states. Shipping to the UK is $149 and $129 to most other western European countries, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea are $149. Egypt, Israel, India, and Singapore are $169. 828 pages 13.5 x 16.5 in., cloth with slipcase. ISBN: 9781598565775

Le manuscrit B de la Bible

Le manuscrit B de la Bible, probably the most important book on Codex Vaticanus ever written, with PB Payne's historic chapter on Distigmai. Only $49.95 plus shipping.


The following product names are registered trademarks of the Payne Loving Trust:

AfroRoman, LaserArabic & Farsi, LaserGreek, LaserHebrew, LaserIPA, LaserThai, LaserVietnamese, TransCyrillic.

The non-Unicode-encoded versions of these products are also covered by the above trademarks:

LaserArabic & Farsi, LaserGreek, LaserHebrew, LaserIPA, LaserThai, LaserVietnamese, TransCyrillic.

The following font names are registered trademarks of the Payne Loving Trust:


The following product names are trademarks of the Payne Loving Trust:

Archaic Alphabets, AsiaScript, Cyrillic II, Cyrillic II Sans, Cyrillic II Sans Serif, EuroRoman, EuroScript, EuroSlavic, EuroSlavic Converter, Greek Bible Spell Checker for Linguist's Software ASCII Fonts, Greek Bible Spell Checker for Uni Fonts, Greek Epigraphy, Greek New Testament Formatted for use with New Testament Manuscripts Font CollectionU, Greek Old Testament Formatted for use with New Testament Manuscripts Font CollectionU, Hebrew & Greek Transliterator, InduScript, LaserAkkadian, LaserAmharic, LaserANSEL, LaserArabic & Farsi, LaserArmenian, LaserArmenian Converter, LaserBengali, LaserBurmese, LaserByzantium, LaserCambodian, LaserChechen, LaserCherokee, LaserCheyenne, LaserCoptic, LaserCree, LaserCyrillic*, LaserFrench German Spanish, LaserGaelic, LaserGeorgian, LaserGlagolitic, LaserGreek, LaserGreek Converter, LaserGreek CrossPlatform Converter, LaserGreek II, LaserGujarati, LaserGwich'in, LaserHebrew, LaserHebrew Converter, LaserHebrew CrossPlatform Converter, LaserHieroglyphics, LaserHindi Sanskrit, LaserHul'qumi'num', LaserIban, LaserIberian, LaserInuit*, LaserInuktitut, LaserIñupiaq, LaserIPA, LaserIPA Converter, LaserIroquoian, LaserJawi, LaserJicarilla, LaserKannada, LaserKorean, LaserKurdish, LaserKwakwala, LaserLaotian, LaserLatvian, LaserLittera, LaserMacron, LaserMongolian, LaserNavajo, LaserOsage, LaserPaleo-Hebrew, LaserPersian*, LaserPunjabi, LaserPushtu, LaserQuinault, LaserQuinaultSans, LaserRade, LaserSabean, LaserSalish, LaserSalish Converter, LaserSaxon, LaserSerbo-Croatian, LaserSyriac, LaserSyriac CrossPlatform Converter, LaserTamil, LaserTelugu, LaserTewa, LaserThai, LaserTibetan, LaserTransliterator, LaserTurkish, LaserTurkish Converter, LaserTürkmen, LaserUgaritic, LaserUrdu, LaserUto-Aztecan, LaserVietnamese, LaserVietnamese Converter, LaserYukon, Modern Greek, New Testament Manuscripts Font Collection, New Testament Manuscripts Font CollectionU, Old Cyrillic, Old Slavonic, Optina Slavonic, Semitic Transliterator, Semitic Transliterator Converter, Semitic Transliterator CrossPlatform Converter, SuperHebrew & Hebraica Converter, TECH, TLG Engine, TransAfghan, TransCyrillic, TransCyrillic Converter, TransCyrillic Sans Serif, TransIndic Transliterator, TransRoman, TransRoman Dictionary, TransRoman MedievalTransRunic, TransSlavic.

The following font names are trademarks of the Payne Loving Trust:

AfroRoman, AfroRomanChan, AfroRomanChanU, AfroRomanGara, AfroRomanGaraU, AfroRomanPala, AfroRomanPalaU, AfroRomanSans, AfroRomanSansU, AfroRomanU, Ajmer*, AlexandrinusLS, AlexandrinusLSU, Akkadian*, AkkadianBlack, AkkadianLS, AmharicII*, AmharicLS*, AmharicLSspU, AmharicLSU, AmharicLSX, AmharicOnlyU, AmharicPC, Amritsar*, Animals*, AnimalsLS, AnimalsR, ANSEL, ANSELMono, Arabic*, Arad*, AradLevelVI, AradLevelVILS, AradLevelVILSU, AramaicDot, AramaicLS, Architecture*, ArchitectureLS, ArchitectureR, Armenian*, ArmenianLS, ArmenianLSU, ArmenianVertical*, Athena*, Attica*, AvestanLS, Ayudhya, AyudhyaLS, AyudhyaLSU, AyudhyaS, Ballymote, BallymoteLS, Bangkok, BangkokLS, BangkokLSU, BangkokS, Batumi, Bengali, Bethel, BethelII, BethelIIC, BethelMod, BezaeLatinLS, BezaeLatinLSU, BezaeLS, BezaeLSU, BiRussian*, BoldCoptic*, BoldSabaean*, Bolnisi*, BookSlavonic, Burmese*, BurmeseLS, Cambodian, CambodianLS, CambodianLSU, Chancery*, ChechenLS, ChechenLSChan, ChechenLSGara, ChechenLSMono, ChechenLSPala, ChechenLSSans, Cherokee, CherokeeLS, CherokeeLSU, CheyenneLSU, ChiangMai, ChiangMaiLS, ChiangMaiLSU, ChiangMaiS, Chinese, ChoctawLS, ChoctawLSSans, ChurchSlavonicLS, CityBlueprint, CopticLS, CopticLSU, CountryBlueprint, CreeLS, CroatianLS, CroatianLSSans, CyrIiDos, CyrIiDosChan, CyrIiDosGara, CyrIiDosMono, CyrIiDosOptina, CyrIiDosPala, CyrIiDosSans, CyrIIKoi, CyrIIKoiChan, CyrIIKoiGara, CyrIIKoiMono, CyrIIKoiOptina, CyrIIKoiPala, CyrIIKoiSans, CyrIiMac, CyrIiMacChan, CyrIiMacGara, CyrIiMacMono, CyrIiMacOptina, CyrIiMacPala, CyrIiMacSans, CyrillicBold*, CyrillicBoldSans*, CyrillicBoldSort*, CyrillicBoldTrans*, CyrillicII, CyrillicIIChan, CyrillicIIDOS, CyrillicIIDOSChan, CyrillicIIDOSGara, CyrillicIIDOSMono, CyrillicIIDOSOptina, CyrillicIIDOSPala, CyrillicIIDOSSans, CyrillicIIGara, CyrillicIIKOI, CyrillicIIKOIChan, CyrillicIIKOIGara, CyrillicIIKOIMono, CyrillicIIKOIOptina, CyrillicIIKOIPala, CyrillicIIKOISans, CyrillicIIMac, CyrillicIIMacChan, CyrillicIIMacGara, CyrillicIIMacMono, CyrillicIIMacOptina, CyrillicIIMacPala, CyrillicIIMacSans, CyrillicIIMono, CyrillicIIOld*, CyrillicIIOptina, CyrillicIIPala, CyrillicIISans, CyrillicNuTranslit*, CyrillicRoman*, CyrillicSans*, CyrillicSort*, CyrillicSoviet*, CyrillicTranslit*, Diacritics*, DiacriticsLS, Echmiadzin*, EEstrangelo, Environment*, EnvironmentLS, EnvironmentR, EpigraphyLSA, EpigraphyLSB, Erevan*, Estrangelo*, EthiopicLS, EthiopicLSspU, EthiopicLSU, EthiopicLSX, EthiopicOnlyU, EtruscanLS, EuroRoman*, EuroSlavic, EuroSlavicChan, EuroSlavicGara, EuroSlavicPala, EuroSlavicSans, EuroSlavicSansCon, EuroSlavicChanU, EuroSlavicGaraU, EuroSlavicMonoU, EuroSlavicPalaU, EuroSlavicSansConU, EuroSlavicSansU, EuroSlavicU, Farsi*, FormelloLS, FractionBar*, FractionBar+*, Fraktur, FrakturLS, GaelicLS, Gaillimh, GaillimhLS, GezerLS, GezerLSU, GlagoliticLS, GeorgianLSU, Graeca, GraecaII, GraecaU, GraecaUBS, GraecaUBSII, GraecaUBSMetU, GraecaUBSU, Greek*, GreekArchaic, GreekSans, GreekSansII, GreekSansLS, GreekSansLSConU, GreekSansLSU, GreekSansMod, GreekSansMono*, GreekSansMonoCon*, Gujarati*, GujaratiLS, GujaratiLSU, Gwichin*, GwichinLS, GwichinLSChan, GwichinLSGara, GwichinLSPala, GwichinLSSans, Hebraica, HebraicaII, HebraicaIIC, HebraicaIISupra, HebraicaLS, HebraicaLS-Bold, HebraicaMod, Hebrew*, Hebron*, Hellenica, HellenicaCU, HellenicaExtras, HellenicaII, HellenicaU, Hermon*, Hieratic*, Hieroglyphics*, HieroglyphicsLS, HieroglyphicsR, HiGwangJu, HiInchon, HimalayaLight, HimalayaLightSup, HimalayaLS, HimalayaLSSup, HimalayaSup, HindiLSU, HindiSanskrit, HindiSanskritLS, HindiSanskritSup, HiTech*, Household*, HouseholdLS, HouseholdR, HulquminumLS, IbanLS, IberianLS, IberianLSSans, IKonyaLS, IKonyaLSU, ImperialAramaic, ImperialAramaicLS, ImperialAramaicLSU, Inchon*, Inuit*, InuktitutLS, InuktitutLSW, InupiaqLS, InupiaqLSChan, InupiaqLSGara, InupiaqLSMono, InupiaqLSPala, InupiaqLSSans, IPA LS Uni, IPAAddendum*, IPAExtras, IPAHighLow, IPAKiel, IPAKielSeven, IPALS*, IPAplus, IPARoman*, IPAsans, IPASupplement, IroquoianChanU, IroquoianGaraU, IroquoianPalaU, IroquoianLSU, IroquoianSansU, JacobiteLS, JaLaGi, Japanese, Jerusalem*, JicarillaLS, JicarillaLSChan, JicarillaLSGara, JicarillaLSPala, JicarillaLSSans, Kannada, KhunKrit, KhunKritLS, KhunKritLSU, KhunKritS, Kitabi, KitabiFarsi, KitabiKurdish, KitabiKurdishLSU, KitabiLS, KitabiLSJawi, KitabiLSPashto, KitabiLSPushtu, KitabiLSU, KitabiLSUrdu, KitabiNoDotsLSU, KitabiPashtoLSU, KitabiPushtu, KitabiUighur, KitabiUrdu, KSL*, KurdishCyrillic, KurdishRoman, Kwakwala, KwakwalaSans, LachishLS, LachishLSU, LakotaLS, LakotaLSU, LakotaLSPala, LakotaLSSans, LakotaPalaU, LakotaSansU, LaoSukanya, LaoSukanyaLSU, Laotian, LaotianLSU, Lateefi, LateefiFarsi, LateefiKurdish, LateefiKurdishLSU, LateefiLS, LateefiLSJawi, LateefiLSPashto, LateefiLSPushtu, LateefiLSU, LateefiLSUrdu, LateefiNoDotsLSU, LateefiPashtoLSU, LateefiPushtu, LateefiSix*, LateefiUighur, LateefiUrdu, LatinArchaic, LatvianLS, LatvianLSChan, LatvianLSGara, LatvianLSMono, LatvianLSPala, LatvianLSSans, LhasaLS, LitteraLS, LitteraScribe, LoTech*, LSFraktur, LSGujarati, LSOriya, MacronLS, MacronLSChan, MacronLSGara, MacronLSMono, MacronLSPala, MacronLSSans, MacronLSSansCon, Madras*, MalayalamLS, MalayalamLSU, MalayalamLSUR, Mankind*, MankindLS, MankindR, MongolInLS, MongolLS, MongolRoman, MongolRomanVert, Moriah, MoriahC, MoriahCU, MoriahLS, MoriahLS-Bold, MoriahMod, MoriahU, Mtskheta, MUgaritic*, NaayHaang, NaayHaangLS, NaayHaangLSU, NaayHaangS, NagHammadiLS, NagHammadiLSU, Nargisi, NargisiFarsi, NargisiKurdish, NargisiKurdishLSU, NargisiLS, NargisiLSJawi, NargisiLSPashto, NargisiLSPushtu, NargisiLSU, NargisiLSUrdu, NargisiNoDotsLSU, NargisiPashtoLSU, NargisiPushtu, NargisiUighur, NargisiUrdu, NavajoLS, NavajoLSChan, NavajoLSGara, NavajoLSPala, NavajoLSSans, NestorianLS, NewEstrangela*, NewHiPusan, NewJacobite*, NewJeju, NewJerusalem, NewJerusalemCU, NewJerusalemLU, NewJerusalemU, NewJerusalemV, NewNestorian*, NewSeoul, NewSlavonicFull, NewSlavonicLite, NewSuperHebrew*, Niu-Iorki*, Niweork*, NominaSacraII, NominaSacraLS, Odyssea, OdysseaF, OdysseaII, OdysseaU, OdysseaUBS, OdysseaUBSU, OldCyrillic, OldSlavonicLS, OLPhoenicianLS, OLPhoenicianLSU, Olympus, OlympusII, OptinaSlavonic, OriyaLS, OrnateTibetan, OsageLS, OsageLSSans, OscanLS, Overstrikes*, OverstrikesLS, OverstrikesR, P39LS, P39LSU, P46LS, P46LSU, P66LS, P66LSU, PanRoman*, ParthianLS, Payne, PayneCondensed, PayneII, PayneU, PersianArchaic, Phatphong, PhatphongLS, PhatphongLSU, PhatphongS, Philippi, Phoenician*, PhoenicianLS, PhoenicianALS, PhoenicianALSU, PhoenicianBLS, PhoenicianBLSU, PhoneticOx, PhoneticOxPala, PhoneticOxSans, Phonetics*, PIESansLS, Platinum*, PLDGreek*, POxy4401LS, POxy4401LSU, PsalterPahlavi, PunjabiLS, PunjabiLSU, Pusan*, QuinaultLS, QuinaultLSSans, RadeLS, Rajkot*, Ramah, RamahC, RamahCU, RamahLS, RamahLS-Bold, RamahMod, RamahU, Rangoon*, Roman, RomanBig*, Romance, RomanceSans*, RomanGrave*, RomanMono, Romantic*, SabeanLS, SalishChanU, SalishGaraU, SalishLS, SalishLSChan, SalishLSGara, SalishLSPala, SalishLSSans, SalishLSU, SalishPalaU, SalishSansU, SamaritanLS, SamaritanLSU, SanskritLSU, SansSerif*, Sarmast, SarmastFarsi, SarmastKurdish, SarmastKurdishLSU, SarmastLS, SarmastLSJawi, SarmastLSPashto, SarmastLSPushtu, SarmastLSU, SarmastLSUrdu, SarmastNoDotsLSU, SarmastPashtoLSU, SarmastPushtu, SarmastUighur, SarmastUrdu, SasanianPersian, SaxonLS, ScriptHebrew, ScriptHebrewII, ScriptHebrewLS, ScriptHebrewU, Semitica, SemiticaDict*, SemiticaLS, SemiticaLSMono, SemiticaYogh*, Seoul*, SerbianLS, SerbianLSSans, Shiloh, ShilohC, ShilohCU, ShilohLS, ShilohLS-Bold, ShilohMod, ShilohU, SiloamLS, SiloamLSU, SinaiticusLS, SinaiticusLSU, SinhalaLS, SlavonicExtras, SlavonicLS, SSuperGreek, Sukanya, SukanyaLS, SukanyaLSU, SukanyaS, SuperFrench*, SuperGreek, SuperGreekBig*, SuperHebrew, SuperHebrewBig*, SymbolGreek, SymbolGreekCo*, SymbolGreekII, SymbolGreekIIP, SymbolGreekIIPMono, SymbolGreekMetU, SymbolGreekPSymbolGreekPF, SymbolGreekPMono, SymbolGreekPU, SymbolGreekTMetU, SymbolGreekTU, SymbolGreekU, Tahlequah*, TamilClassic*, TamilLS, TamilLSU, TamilLSUAlt, TamilSans, TamilSansU, TamilSansUAlt, TananaLS, TananaLSChan, TananaLSGara, TananaLSPala, TananaLSSans, Tbilisi*, TbilisiCaps, TbilisiText, Tech, TechEquation, Technic, TechnicLight, TechnicSans, TechnicSansLight, TechSymbol, TechSymbolSans, Telavi, Telugu, TeluguLS, TeluguLSCon, TeubnerLS, TeubnerLSC, TeubnerLSCU, TeubnerLSU, TeubnerVertical, TeubnerVerticalC, TeubnerVerticalCU, TeubnerVerticalU, TewaLS, TewaLSChan, TewaLSGara, TewaLSPala, TewaLSSans, ThaiKeyCaps*, Thonburi, ThonburiLS, ThonburiLSU, ThonburiS, Tibetan, TibetanBlock, TibetanLS, TifinaghLS, TransCyrillic, TransCyrillicChan, TransCyrillicChanU, TransCyrillicDungan, TransCyrillicDunganSans, TransCyrillicGara, TransCyrillicGaraU, TransCyrillicMono, TransCyrillicMonoU, TransCyrillicPala, TransCyrillicPalaU, TransCyrillicSans, TransCyrillicSansU, TransCyrillicSansCon, TransCyrillicSansConU, TransCyrillicIISansSerif, TransCyrillicU, TransIndic, TransIndicChanU, TransIndicGaraU, TransIndicLS, TransIndicLSChan, TransIndicLSGara, TransIndicLSMono, TransIndicLSPala, TransIndicLSSans, TransIndicLSU, TransIndicPalaU, TransIndicSansConU, TransIndicSansU, TranslitChan, TranslitChanU, Transliterate*, TranslitGara, TranslitGaraU, TranslitLS, TranslitLSAKK, TranslitLSChan, TranslitLSGara, TranslitLSMono, TranslitLSMonoCon, TranslitLSPala, TranslitLSSans, TranslitLSU, TranslitMono, TranslitMonoCondensed, TranslitMonoU, TranslitOx, TranslitPala, TranslitPalaU, TranslitSBL, TranslitSansU, TransRoman, TransRomanChan, TransRomanDict, TransRomanDictPala, TransRomanDictSans, TransRomanDictSansU, TransRomanDictU, TransRomanGara, TransRomanMedieval, TransRomanPala, TransRomanSans, TransRomanUp, TransRunic, TransSlavic, TransSlavicChan, TransSlavicGara, TransSlavicPala, TransSlavicSans, TransSlavicSansCon, TSuperFrench*, TurkishLS, TurkishLSChan, TurkishLSGara, TurkishLSMono, TurkishLSMonoCon, TurkishLSPala, TurkishLSRoman, TurkishLSSans, TurkishLSSansCon, TurkmenLS, TurkmenLSMono, TurkmenLSSans, UgariticLS, UgariticLSB, UmbrianLS, UncialLS, UncialLSU, UncialII, Utensil*, UtensilLS, UtensilR, UtoAztecanLS, UtoAztecanLSPala, VaticanusLS, VaticanusLSU, VaticanusRLSU, VinaChan, VinaChanU, VinaGara, VinaGaraU, VinaPala, VinaPalaU, VinaRoman, VinaRomanU, VinaSans, VinaSansU, WashingtonianusJnQI, WashingtonianusJnQIB, WashingtonianusJnQIU, WashingtonianusLS, WashingtonianusLSU, WashingtonianusNS, WebsterDictionaryLS, WebsterDictionaryLSPala, WebsterDictionaryLSSans, WulfilianLS, Yukon, YukonChan, YukonChanU, YukonGara, YukonGaraU, YukonLSU, YukonPala, YukonPalaU, YukonSans, YukonSansU, ZakkurLS, ZakkurLSU.

*Font and product names above which are followed by an asterisk are from old products for which new products are available. Clicking on them will take you to the current product. The fonts in the new product do not necessarily have compatible character sets and arrangements with the old font. If you have questions about a font you should contact us about it.

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