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Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Letters

Man and Woman, One in Christ, by Philip Payne. Signed copy only $19.99 plus shipping. Also see  NT essays by Payne, available for free download.

Why Can't Women Do That?

Why Can't Women Do That, the latest book by Philip Payne. Available from Amazon.

Codex Sinaiticus Facsimile, available for a short time for $699.95.


Codex Sinaiticus facsimile, The remarkably clear color facsimile of the fourth-century Codex Sinaiticus of all the NT and half of the LXX plus Tobit, Judith, 1 and 4 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, Barnabas, and the Shepherd is available for a limited time for $699.95, Order Form. We believe this is by far the best price available anywhere. The list price is $999. Shipping the 32 lb box by UPS ground is $59 within the USA 48 states. Shipping to the UK is $149 and $129 to most other western European countries, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea are $149. Egypt, Israel, India, and Singapore are $169. 828 pages 13.5 x 16.5 in., cloth with slipcase. ISBN: 9781598565775

Le manuscrit B de la Bible

Le manuscrit B de la Bible, probably the most important book on Codex Vaticanus ever written, with PB Payne's historic chapter on Distigmai. Only $49.95 plus shipping.

Old Cyrillic

Easily Type Modern Russian, Grazhdanka Characters, And Characters Belonging To The Grazhdanka Alphabet Introduced By Peter The Great!

Designed for Windows for Windows

Designed for Macintosh for Macintosh

What others are saying What others are saying

Old Cyrillic™ contains modern Russian, Grazhdanka characters, and characters belonging to the Grazhdanka alphabet introduced by Peter the Great (Petrinian Grazhdanka). Old Cyrillic also includes izhitsa, jat, psi, xi, omega, i-a and i-e ligatures, and special IO ligatures with circumflex and macron, and several commonly-used Old Slavonic characters as well as Ukrainian and many other Cyrillic languages. The product includes the OldCyrillic font in plain, bold, italic and bolditalic, in both TrueType and Type 1 (PostScript language) font formats, plus keyboard drivers/resources allowing easy input of all characters in the fonts in your every day applications.

Old Cyrillic for Windows

Old Cyrillic for Windows

Windows System Requirements: The fonts install into Microsoft® Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000, and work with all Windows applications that allow the user to select fonts from a font menu. (A previous version is available for Windows NT, Me, 98, or 95; please contact the Sales office.) The product includes a User's Manual and keyboard layout chart(s). The included keyboard driver(s) allows access to four characters per key (instead of the normal two) and alternate keyboard layouts. All documentation is in PDF format, and can be viewed and/or printed using Adobe Reader. The fonts will print to any printer at the highest quality allowed by your printer.

A custom version (fonts only) is available for Linux, but Linux users must provide alternate keyboard input for characters in the extended character set. If you are ordering for Linux be sure to select the Linux box on the Order Form.

Cost: US$ 99.95 Order

Do you need to upgrade? Check the current version number and a Release History.

See below for Samples.

Old Cyrillic for Macintosh

Old Cyrillic for Macintosh

Macintosh System Requirements

Macintosh System Requirements: Works with any Macintosh. The fonts are typed using the US keyboard. The product includes a User's Manual and keyboard layout charts.

Cost: US$ 99.95 Order

See below for Samples.

Old Cyrillic Samples

Old Cyrillic Samples

Special Old Cyrillic characters in the font

Old Cyrillic special characters

Modern Russian alphabet in the font

Old Cyrillic font showing modern Russian alphabet

Other Cyrillic and Old Slavonic characters included in the font

Old Cyrillic font showing Cyrillic and Old Slavonic characters in the font

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Here's what others are saying about Old Cyrilic Here's what others are saying about Old Cyrilic:

"[I] absolutely love the Old Cyrillic and slavic typefaces."
Richard Moore. Alexandria, VA

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