AnyText Search Engine


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Create concordances and do fast word searches on any ordinary text file in English, Greek and Cyrillic!

AnyText is a HyperCard®-based Full Proximity Boolean Search Engine and Index Generator that allows you to create concordances and do FAST word searches on ordinary text files in English, Greek and Russian languages. AnyText was designed especially to work with the Greek, English, Cyrillic and Latin Bible texts, but can be used with any text-only file. The text files can be on diskettes, hard disk drives or CD-ROM drives, as long as there is disk space for the special indexing files that AnyText must create and access for operation. Requires 2 Megabytes of RAM.

AnyText® provides:

bulletTwo indexed word lists for fast proximity word searches.
bulletBoolean AND and OR functions for operations between the two indexed word lists.
bulletBoolean NOT for inverting the result of a search.
bulletLookup by verse reference.
bulletWild card string searches through the indexed word lists for finding imbedded strings–great for finding base forms and root words in Latin and Greek.
bulletBook, chapter, and verse references available for properly formatted text files. Pre-formatted Bible files are available for the KJV, NIV, RSV, Greek New Testament, Grammatically Tagged Greek New Testament, LXX and Grammatically Tagged LXX, with the dictionary form of each word in the text, the Vulgate, and the Segond French, Luther German, and Easy-to-Read Russian Bibles.
bulletOption of having two files of different languages open for searching.
bulletConcordances with the key words in context aligned in the center of the screen.
bulletFull context easily retrieved for any concordance entry.
bulletArea for collecting and taking notes.
bulletAbility to create text files containing complete concordances and word lists or the partial word list and concordances resulting from proximity searches.
bulletScreen fonts, keyboard layouts and language resources automatically switched on and off for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get keyboard entry of English, Greek and Russian.
bulletAlso Includes: HyperCard® Player 2.1 and a complete User's Manual.

System requirements: System 7.1-9.2, or the Classic system in OS X. 2 MB of RAM.

Cost: US$ 99.95 Order

For combination packages that contain this product plus other Bible study software, see our Scholar's Packages.

AnyText Bible Packages:

bulletAnyText with one of the following versions (separately $59.95 each) – $149.95 bullet Greek NT, LXX, KJV, NIV, RSV, NRSV, Vulgate, French, German, Russian bulletAnyText with the Grammatically-tagged Greek New Testament$169.95 bulletAnyText with the Grammatically-tagged LXX$189.95

Additional Bible versions $10 off when purchased with any of the above AnyText® Bible Packages

bulletAnyText Scholars Package – $249.95 includes: bulletAnyText bulletGreek New Testament bulletGreek Old Testament bulletGrammatically-tagged Greek NT bulletGrammatically-tagged LXX bulletOne English, French, German, Russian, or Latin version of your choice bulletAdditional Bible texts are just $25 each bulletAnyText Laser Scholars Package includes LaserGreek and LaserHebrew$349.95 (if purchased separately they would be $769.50)

(Note: Additional shipping charges apply to the AnyText Bible Packages: AnyText Scholar's Pack requires 6 shipping units and AnyText LaserScholar's Pack requires 8 shipping units.)

(Note: The NIV cannot be shipped to Europe [EEC, EFTA countries].)

The AnyText Search Engine provides extensive search capabilities for any text files, as described above. For browsing and exporting text from TLG (Thesaurus Linquae Graecae) source files we recommend our TLG Engine.