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Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Letters

Man and Woman, One in Christ, by Philip Payne. Also see  NT essays by Payne, available for free download.

Why Can't Women Do That?

Why Can't Women Do That, by Philip Payne and Vince Haffaker.

Welcome to Linguist's Software

Linguist's Software, the world's leading source of foreign language and transliteration fonts since 1984, makes available OpenType®, TrueType® and Type 1 fonts for over 2600 languages for Windows and Macintosh computers. What began as a quest for Greek and Hebrew fonts for a dissertation has turned into the world's greatest source for professional-quality language fonts used by scholars, academics, businesses, and governments world-wide. Writers know they can come to Linguist's Software for quality, easy to use fonts for any language, literally from Abaza to Zuñi. Linguist's Software font products also include keyboard software for languages that require it, easy-to-follow installation and usage instructions, and free technical support. You do not need to install special software to use these fonts and keyboard drivers; they install into the Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems and are available for use inside your everyday programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign. Because of the quality of the fonts, the ease of use, and the personal customer service, some of our users have been coming back to Linguist's Software for their language font needs for as many as 30 years!


Our Greek fonts have for years been the standard for use by scholars and academics the world over. The latest generation, LaserGreek® in Unicode™ (LaserGreekU), available for both Windows and Macintosh, SymbolGreekU Greek font sampleprovides professional-quality, Unicode-encoded Greek fonts in TrueType® OpenType® format for Biblical and classical (polytonic) and modern (monotonic) Greek. The Greek fonts include all standard accents, breathing marks, iota subscripts and diereses used in Biblical and classical Greek. The fonts are distinctive in that they also include the Nestle-Aland, UBS, Leiden, many TLG text-critical symbols and sigla, extra characters for epigraphical and textual studies, and arrows for indicating papyrus grain direction. These fonts are available in ten typestyles. More...


Exodus 20:4 in the NewJerusalemCU fontThe latest generation of our Hebrew fonts, LaserHebrew® in Unicode (LaserHebrewU), are the only fonts available today which reproduce all forms, properly positioned, that occur in the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia/Leningrad Codex! LaserHebrew in Unicode is available in five typestyles. The fonts are high-quality, Unicode-encoded Hebrew fonts in TrueType format for Biblical and modern Hebrew and Yiddish. Four of the typestyles contain all vowel points, accents, dageshim, diacritical marks, and special symbols occurring in the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) and in the Biblia Hebraica Quinta (BHQ), plus other diacritical symbols and the additional characters needed for Yiddish. With the included keyboard software users are able to type right to left in software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and Mellel, that support this input method. More...


Linguist's Software also provides a full range of transliteration fonts (also called Romanized phonetic transcription), including specialized fonts for transliterating Semitic Genesis 1:1-2, transliterated using the SBL vocalized method.languages and Indic languages. Semitic Transliterator in Unicode provides professional-quality, Unicode-encoded transliteration fonts for transliterating Semitic languages, plus Greek, Sumerian, and Pashto. The characters in the fonts include all letters, accents, and other special characters required to cover many common professionally-recognized transliteration methods. Now it is easy to add transliterated text, such as this sample of Genesis 1:1-2, to your documents. For transliteration of Indic (Indian) languages see TransIndic Transliterator in Unicode (TransIndicU), which supports transliteration of Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, Brahmi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kharoshthi, Oriya, Pali, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, and other languages. Add accents above and below the lettersThe font allows composite forms of accented letters to be input, built up, and properly positioned as the letter and its accents are typed by the user. Combined with the Linguist's Software keyboard software, this provides unparalleled ease of use, intuitive input methods, and beautiful printed output. Notice in this sample how users can add up to three accents over and two under the letter! For a complete discussion of transliteration, languages supported, and the appropriate font product to choose, please see our page on transliteration.

International Phonetic Alphabet

Linguist's Software has also designed a professional-quality Unicode-encoded font product called LaserIPA in Unicode for typing the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The font includes not only the standard Unicode "IPA Extensions" characters, but also the "Spacing Modifiers" and "Combining Diacritics" sections of the Unicode Standard. LaserIPA in Unicode font sampleThe font also includes many letters and symbols that were once part of the IPA but are now obsolete, and some letters and symbols that were used as IPA letters and symbols but have never been officially adopted into the IPA. The font also includes the Latin 1 and Extended Latin character sets providing English and other western languages such as French and German. This means your entire document can be typed in a single font, providing a unified typestyle. More...

Hindi and Sanskrit

LaserHindi Sanskrit in Unicode (LaserHindiU) provides two professional-quality Unicode-encoded fonts for typing modern Hindi and classical Sanskrit. The HindiLSU™ and SanskritLSU™ fonts include the complete Devanagari section of the Unicode Standard, providing fonts that are fully compatible with other standard Hindi fonts. The HindiLSU and SanskritLSU fonts are essentially the same, except HindiLSU contains some conjuncts that are more horizontal, whereas SanskritLSU contains conjuncts that are more vertically arranged. The HindiLSU font compared to the SanskritLSU font.The product includes two keyboard layouts (Phonetic and Traditional) that provide four characters per key (instead of the normal two) for easy input of Hindi and Sanskrit. The keyboard layouts take advantage of the OpenType layout features built into the fonts for logical, intuitive input. These features include automatic conjunct formation and automatic vowel positioning as you type. For example, typing "kal" produces the "kla" conjunct, or typing "ki" produces "ik". Long and short "u" vowels are also automatically positioned with the previous consonant. This allows the typist to think and type phonetically while the OpenType features properly arrange the characters. More...


Ancient Hebrew character shapes come alive in Linguist's Software's LaserPaleo-Hebrew in Unicode (LaserPaleo-HebrewU) font product. The AradLevelVILSU font is an inscriptional-style Hebrew font following the representation of Hebrew characters in level VI of the Arad excavations.Ancient Hebrew alphabets can now be typed right to left, with proper line wrap and full justification. Included in LaserPaleo-HebrewU are fonts containing the character shapes of the inscriptions found in level VI of the Arad excavations, the Gezer inscription, the Samaritan inscription, the Zakkur inscription, and the inscription in the Siloam tunnel. There is a font containing the character shapes of the Lachish letters written on potsherds, and there are three fonts containing the character shapes of Old Phoenician. Finally, while not Hebrew, included is a related font containing the character shapes of Imperial Aramaic. More...


The Scribes of the XIth to the XVIIIth Dynasties have been united with Twenty-first Century technology in the LaserHieroglyphics product, which provides over 1000 characters with both left- and right-facing LaserHieroglyphics font sample (cartouche development)glyphs in 16 TrueType and Type 1 fonts designed for Egyptologists and students of hieroglyphics. The fonts contain all the signs in Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar3 with many additions, all with both left- and right-facing glyphs. They are designed after the standard sign list of Gardiner and contain 234 overstrike keys for composite hieroglyphs. Included are eight "lacuna" keys for showing erasures (six with overstriking capability). Also included is a Times-style font for transliteration. The character keystroke charts follow Gardiner's order. Now you can type papers with hieroglyphics included without having to leave spaces for later insertion! More...


UgariticLS font sample at 24 pt size, showing the open (unfilled) wedges.Another "dead language" our font products support is Ugaritic. The LaserUgaritic product includes two scalable TrueType and Type 1 Ugaritic fonts containing all 37 signs of the Ugaritic alphabet. UgariticLS has open (unfilled) wedges and UgariticLSB has black (filled) wedges. The fonts are interchangeable. The fonts are also completely compatible between Windows and Macintosh versions. Users may save files normally and transfer them between platforms as ordinary word processor files, as long as the fonts are installed on both computers. More...


The Akkadian language is also supported in our LaserAkkadian for Windows and Macintosh. Law 1 of Hammurabi's Law Code, shown in the solid font included in LaserAkkadian for Windows and Macintosh.LaserAkkadian includes ten TrueType and Type 1 fonts (five solid and five outline) including the complete set of Neo-Assyrian Akkadian signs. The fonts contain all the basic Akkadian signs listed in René Labat's Manual D'Épigraphie Akkadienne (5th edition, 1976) and Rykle Borger's Assyrisch-babylonische Zeichenliste (AOAT 33, 1978, editions 2-4 with Supplement 33A). LaserAkkadian contains more than 850 signs, and includes two significantly oversized cross-shaped signs. Seven erasure symbols (a faded block) are also included in the fonts. In addition to the full erasure symbol there are overstrike characters designating erasure of various portions of signs (front, rear, upper front, lower front, upper rear, and lower rear erasure). The reconstructed portions of the erasures are legible underneath the erasure symbol overstrikes! The sample here shows the solid or filled font with Law 1 of Hammurabi's Law Code. More...


Another popular font product is LaserSyriac LaserSyriac font sample (EEstrangelo font)for Windows and Macintosh, with five fonts (EEstrangelo, JacobiteLS, NestorianLS, AramaicLS and AramaicDot) for writing Eastern, Western and Modern Syriac. The keyboard is arranged as far as possible like an English typewriter, 'A' sound on A key, etc. All 31 vowel points and accents are automatic overstrikes so they may be placed in any order over any symbol. The fonts are English-system fonts and therefore do not require Unicode-compatible applications. Syriac text may be typed in almost any application. This sample uses the EEstrangelo font, one of five of the fonts included in the product. More...

More than 2600 additional languages

The eleven above products represent a tiny fraction of the over 2600 languages supported by Linguist's Software font products. We have 24 products that together support at least 88 Native American languages (plus hundreds of dialects). We also have 13 products that support Indian and Indic related languages, a product that supports 49 African languages plus more than 1200 Bantu languages, nearly 200 Chadic languages, and 90 Dinka (Jaang) dialects. Whatever your language font needs, Linguist's Software can provide professional-quality font products for Windows and Macintosh, including keyboard software (where required), complete instructions, and free technical support. Find the product that meets your needs by searching by Language, or by browsing through the Product List.

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