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for Macintosh

IT - Interlinear Text Processing System

IT is a program developed by the Summer Institute of Linguistics to give linguists, literary scholars, anthropologists, translators, and others a tool for developing a corpus of annotated interlinear text. For instance, in New Testament research it offers the possibility of transforming the Greek text into an interlinear text with grammatical tags, the lexical form of the word, and a word by word English translation all aligned for interlinear analysis, followed by various translations of the text into English or other languages.

Includes a 363 page book which describes how to use IT for such freeform (clause or sentence) annotations as translations, explanatory comments, topic indexing, user notes, source texts. Features: keeps word and morpheme annotations aligned vertically with the base form, saves word and morpheme annotations in on-line lexical database, retrieves previous annotations to ensure consistency, inserts annotations automatically when unambiguous, asks for user input when annotation is unknown or has multiple options, adds new annotations automatically to lexical database, allows user to specify organization and type of annotations, up to 22 kinds of annotation per analyzed text.

System Requirements: Mac SE-30 or newer, System 6.0.7 or newer, LaserGreek® or LaserGreek II font set.

Cost: US$ 99.95 Order

(Note: Additional shipping charges apply for IT. You will be charged 4 shipping units.)



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